This dynamic and proactive company offers far more than simply distribution. At Surgitech, we regularly research the latest international surgical developments, enabling us to offer state-of-the-art products. We also provide ongoing professional training, so that doctors and nurses can realise the full advantages of these world-class products and developments. Most importantly of all, we take extraordinary efforts to ensure that our sales staff are trained and retrained in their specialist fields.  The result is a committed group of knowledgeable professionals whose expertise adds immeasurable value to our product range.

New products in general surgery.


A&E Medical manufactures quality engineered surgical products. A&E Medical is a brand leader in Sternal Sutures and Pacing wires.

A & E products:

Myo/Wire™ Temporary Cardiac Pacing WIres
Myo/Wire™ II Single Sternotomy Sutures
Myo/Wire™ II Double Wire™ High strength Sternotomy Sutures
Rotating Aortic Punch


CP Medical, founded in 1990 by Patrick J. Ferguson, is a manufacturer and supplier of innovative sutures. CP Medical is a subsidiary of Theragenics Corporation, a NYSE-listed company.

CP Medical products:

Sutures – Absorbable & Non-Absorbable sutures


Glubran® 2 - Glubran 2, manufactured by GEM Italy, is a synthetic surgical glue that is ready for use. Glubran 2 is a tissue adhesive with high adhesive and haemostatic properties which, in certain situations, allow to reduce the use of surgical sutures.

GEM products:

Glubran 2 – Synthetical surgical glue that is ready to use
Glubran Tiss – Skin Glue

Silimed is the first and only company that manufactures silicone implants in Latin America and ranks third in the world ranking. Silimed’s products are the most wide-ranging and diversified in the market and the only one that shows the serial number on each product manufactured, thus assuring 100% security in product traceability since its manufacturing.

Silimed products:

Mammary Implants – Smooth, textured, polyurethane & anatomical shaped implants

Facial Implants - This group of implants is indicated for facial aesthetic or reconstructive  surgeries. Chin, Nasal & Malar Implants

Body Contour Implants – Gluteal & Calf Implants

Tissue Expanders – Implantable & Intraoperative expanders

Vitalitec develops, manufacturers and markets niche, high quality vascular, cardio-vascular, and endoscopic products.

Vitalitec products:

SLS Ligating Clips
Peripheral vascular & aortic clamps
Flexible Clamps
Small vessel temporary occlusion clips
Laparoscopic Instuments
MIS Cardiac Instruments
Vein strippers

Arthrosurface® Inc was organized in 2002 to develop surgical alternatives for the treatment of orthopedic joint disease. Arthrosurface's® initial efforts have resulted in the development of a method to repair isolated articular cartilage defects and damage to major joints including the knees, hips, toes and shoulders using minimal access surgical procedures. The Company's first focus relates to the application of the technology to convex joint surfaces such as the condyles of the knee, the head of the shoulder, the ball of the hip and the great toe. Arthrosurface® recently launched a system that can address lesions occurring in joints that have convex and concave curvatures namely the patello-femoral joint. The Company believes that its technology can also be adapted to repair concave surfaces such as the tibial plateau, glenoid, the socket of the hip and other joint surfaces.

The Arthrosurface® Team is made of several experienced individuals in the medical device industry and the Surgeon Advisory Board (SAB) consists of key surgeons that are working with Arthrosurface® to evaluate, develop and in educate surgeons and patients about this technology.


Aspen Surgical focuses on manufacturing and marketing disposable medical products designed for surgical and general healthcare applications.

Aspen products:

Sterion® Adhesive Skin Closures
Surgical Marking Pens


Dasol is the monopolizing manufacturer and exporter of Sani-Sleeve™ and a leading manufacturer of medical disposables, especially custom-made medical drapes and disposables.

Dasol products:

Sani-Sleeve – Camera drape 


Integra LifeSciences, a world leader in medical technology, is dedicated to limiting uncertainty for surgeons, so they can concentrate on providing the best patient care. Integra offers innovative solutions in orthopaedic extremity surgery.

NovaSpine is a French Company which specialises in the design, manufacture and sale of implants and instruments for spinal surgery. Their expertise is derived from over twenty five years experience in Spinal Surgery and modern technologically advanced manufacturing equipment, which allows them to develop products of high technology, ensuring maximum safety for both patient and Surgeon alike, whilst also ensuring excellent long-term results.


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